the Labyrinth

(Glebe 2022)

By Lilium Bo Dabelle

The Labyrinth is an ancient and universal symbol. In this case it represents the journey to our own centre and back again. A  tool used to explore the nature of reality, of consciousness being pervasive and fundamental to the universe. 

The labyrinth floats in an abstract world made up of colours reflected in the surrounding architecture and physical environment. The warm earthy tones of the sandstone foundations, and the blues and greens of sky and trees. The colours blend between brighter hues and more subdued, to reflect the changing weather and sunlight on any given day.  

In nature, we rarely see right angles, straight lines or hard flat surfaces, yet we tend to inhabit these austere environments, largely estranged from the natural world.  In nature, lines are wonky, shapes make room for each other, textures and colours are infinite. And though the wilderness is wondrously unruly, there is a sense of cohesion, of balance and harmony. 

This artwork mirrors these qualities, offering up a new perception, by transforming this benign brick wall into a vibrant meditation on consciousness and it’s contents, of form and colour, light and shade, movement and pause, to mesmerise viewers and provoke a deeper sense of belonging and connection, to each other and to nature.

‘The Labyrinth’ was painted for private clients by Lilium Bo Dabelle and is located on the corner of St Johns Rd and Gottenham St Glebe, NSW.