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The Art of Wall was established in 2012 by Leia Sidery. Throughout the past decade, Leia has undertaken projects both independently and some times drawing on an extensive team of artists, depending on the project’s size and scope. During her formative years, Leia benefitted from the mentorship of Jo Breneger, of Indigo Jo, who not only imparted valuable wisdom but also instilled in her the confidence to approach any undertaking, regardless of its magnitude.

In recent years, Leia and Jo have become frequent collaborators, working together to interpret the artistic visions of established artists for ambitious large-scale public art initiatives. Their partnership holds immense value, allowing them to draw upon each other’s expertise and skills with unwavering confidence, making them exceptionally well-suited to undertake projects of considerable scale.

We recognise that certain endeavours may demand a larger team to actualise the vision. In such instances, we tap into our extensive network of remarkable talents, comprising diverse artists, muralists, designers, and artisans who share our fervour for creating extraordinary outcomes. Each individual within this network has been thoughtfully selected based on their expertise, creativity, and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Through the utilisation of this collaborative network, we tailor specialised teams to meet the specific needs of each project. This approach grants us the flexibility and adaptability required to tackle endeavours of varying scales and complexities. As a result, we maintain our commitment to exemplary craftsmanship and attention to detail, even when confronted with ambitious and demanding ventures.

Leia Sidery 

Lilium Bo

Instagram: @lilium_bo

Leia Sidery is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design, branding, web design, and illustration. She established The Art of Wall in 2012, merging her digital skills with her love for painting.

Over the years, Leia has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from residential and commercial establishments like cafes, restaurants, and offices, to local councils for public space artworks. Recently, she has delved into working with established artists, translating their work into large-scale public art installations.

Leia is also an artist in her own right, creating solo works under the moniker Lilium Bo. Her pieces are vibrant meditations on consciousness, featuring rich symbolism depicting the labyrinth. Her captivating creations invite contemplation and introspection.

Motivated by her belief in the profound impact of art in public spaces, Leia endeavors to inspire positive change and enhance collective well-being through the transformative potential of public art.

Jo Breneger 

Indigo Jo

Instagram: @indigojo60

Jo is a highly experienced scenic artist and sign-writer with a career spanning 35 years. Her artistic journey began at Chanel 7, where she painted backdrops for various productions. She has contributed her talents to films such as Moulin Rouge, the Great Gatsby, Wolverine, and Gods of Egypt.

With a deep passion for preserving traditional hand-skills, Jo is an exceptional sign writer. Even in an era dominated by computers and vinyl, she has remained dedicated to the art of hand-painting signs, honing her craft with unwavering commitment.

Notably, Jo’s talents have been sought after by Harris Farm, where she has crafted bespoke hand-painted signs and props for 15 stores across Australia. Her skilful touch and artistic vision bring a touch of beauty and uniqueness to each piece she creates.

In recent years, Jo has collaborated with Leia Sidery, once her protégé, to create striking murals for established artists. 

Jo’s creative expression reaches far beyond her commercial projects. In her solo endeavours, she skilfully blends the serene energy of horses with their graceful movements, all the while drawing inspiration from the subtle allure of imperfections and impermanence. 

To experience her evocative artwork, visit www.jobreneger.com.au .

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